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is a full-service Internet marketing agency located in Sophia-Antipolis, France. Our mission is to help our  French  and  international clients to  improve their online visibility through the implementation of e-communication tools such as  search engine optimization, net linking, keyword buying, viral marketing, traffic analysis, or online advertising.  

 Visiplus is a webmarketing company located in the heart of the hight tech park of sophia Antipolis



While search engine marketing is an important piece of the Internet marketing puzzle, it is just the tip of the iceberg. To be an "e-visible" business, you need to expand your online marketing actions beyond search engines. That is why we propose additional solutions to promote your web site. Below are several online tools we have successfully implemented for marketing beyond search engine optimization.

Net Linking
According to a recent Forrester Research's survey, 35 % of the Internet users discover a Web site for the first time by following a link on a Web site. Numerous sites are visited by your potential customers; that is why it is important to identify these prescriber sites to develop durable relations with them. Besides, today numerous search engines (google, for example) determine their algorithms of ranking by analyzing the "link popularity" of your site; that is, the number of qualitative links pointing to your URL. Whether it is the implementation of a simple one link or an affiliation program, our knowledge of the Web environment and our research capacity allows us to implement quickly and effectively a program of links and affiliation on sites where the Internet users can have an interest in your products or services.

Online Advertising
You sell on-line but do you know which sites are the most suited to receive your banner or your advertising button?
Thanks to our pragmatic Internet experience, Visiplus determines the best sites to place your banners, to negotiate the best rates with agencies and to coordinate the technical details of advertising space purchases. Whether it is to place your banners with the best targeted web site or to negotiate large online advertising campaigns, Visiplus can make you VISIBLE to your target audience.

The on-line partnerships are,today, too often badly negotiated due to a lack of knowledge of the stakes in terms of online visibility. With our extensive knowledge of the various Internet players, we are able to help you in the preparation of your projects or partnerships.

Taylor made marketing programs
Web seminars, on-line contests, campaigns of viral marketing … or any other web tools, generator of web visibility.

Viral Marketing
Chats, forums, newsgroups… Internet leaves tremendous room for discussions, where information circulates, reputations are made or unmade, opinions are created.

Placement of advertisement with the shape of text or banner inside a newsletter is a technique of web marketing that is able to compete with the best e-mailing campaigns in terms of cost/visibility ratio. We have a network of partners we shall engage to sponsor a newsletter for the best price and to the audience which corresponds best to your target of communication.

Online Press Release
Make your products and services visible directly to local, national or international journalists. With this service, you will also promote your company or announce the launch of a product or modifications on your website or a new company's event.

"Because there is no use to be online without visibility!"

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