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is a full-service Internet marketing agency located in Sophia-Antipolis, France. Our job is to help our International  and French clients to  improve their online visibility through the implementation of e-communication tools such as search  engine optimization, net linking, keyword buying, or else e-mailing. "Because if they know your web site, they'll know you!" 

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Visiplus works with you to implement efficient Internet marketing tools but also helps you to better understand the results of your online communication through a statistical analysis of all your marketing actions.

A traffic analysis will measure the qualitative and quantitative development of your marketing efforts and provides you with answers to questions such as :

> What keywords do visitors type in to find your web site?
> Which pages within your site are the most popular?
> How much traffic do you get each month?
> How many visitors do you get through online advertising?
> What is the opening or click through rate of your e-mailing campaigns?

A traffic analysis solution is essential to rationalize your online communication spending. Being able to know what worked or hasn't worked is essential to determine your ROI.

"Because a web marketing action without any evaluation is a useless action!"

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