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is a full-service Internet marketing agency located in Sophia-Antipolis, France. Our mission is to help our  French  and  international clients to  improve their online visibility through the implementation of e-communication tools such as  search engine optimization, net linking, keyword buying, viral marketing, traffic analysis, or online advertising.  


Key Figures

> 75 % of frequent Internet users use search engines.
(Source: clickZ)
> Being Visible on search engines is the most cost effective way to communicate with more than 500 millions potential customers worldwide. (Source: NUA SURVEYS, FEB. 2002)
> An estimated 325 million searches are conducted daily, quadruple the 1998 volume.
(Source: Iconocast, March 7, 2002)

Search Engine Optimization Services

> French-speaking SEO
Gain a significant visibility on major French-oriented search engines and directories.

> International SEO
If your market is French, European or International, it is necessary to be visible on International search engines such as MSN or Google, but also on specific foreign engines.

> Express SEO
You need to be rapidly visible for a professional conference, the launch of a new product, a seasonal activity…

> Thematic & regional SEO
Besides submissions on major search tools, we register your site on thematic and regional search engines and directories according to your target market.

> Paid Inclusion
"Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) does not have an instantaneous effect. Indeed, an effective SEO program can take up to 6 months depending on search engine. To face this periods, directories and engines propose in parallel a paid system of submission.

> Keyword buying
Search engines marketing is not an exact science and therefore it is almost impossible to guarantee a precise position because of the ongoing change of search engines algorithms The purchase of keywords is now offered by majors search tools (Google, Altavista, MSN...). It consists of showing a specific link on the results pages.
When using this tool, the copy-writing of the messages turns out to be critical and will greatly influence your ROI.

"Because if they know your web site, they'll know you!"

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