Client: Noe-Interactive 
 Activity: Web agency

> Situation
Noe-interactive is a Chambery (France) based web agency specializing in web site maintenance. In addition to the development of Internet sites, Noe offers its clients, services such as overhaul of web sites and updates of technical, graphical and editorial content.

> Objectives
- Maximize the number of highly qualified visitors to whilst minimizing customer acquisition costs.
- Increase the awareness of its new web site maintenance services.

> Strategies
Targets: Marcom managers and local influencers/decision-makers.
Positioning: “maintenance without constraint”.
Differentiator: the accompaniment.

> Actions
- Implementation of a "premium" Search Engine Optimization campaign.
- Netlinking program on “affinity sites” in term of activities and target market (e.g., regional directories and thematic web sites).
- Qualified keyword buying on search engines such as Google, Francité and Altavista.
- HTML E-mailing campaign sent to more than 10,000 qualified e-mails.

> Results
- Traffic from search engines grew over 75 %.
- Link popularity increased by 250 %.
- + 30 listings for the top 10 main keywords.
- E-mailing: 25% opening rate (vs. 10% industry average) and 40% click through.

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