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is a full-service Internet marketing agency located in Sophia-Antipolis, France. Our job is to help our International  and French clients to  improve their online visibility through the implementation of e-communication tools such as search  engine optimization, net linking, keyword buying, or else e-mailing. "Because if they know your web site, they'll know you!" 


Developing an Internet marketing plan can be one of the most important steps your company takes when it comes to doing business on the web. While a number of companies typically overlook this, the fact of the matter is, a lack of planning still remains one of the top reasons for online business failure.

With e-marketing, just like traditional marketing, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". With changes occurring at rapid speed on the Internet what worked last quarter may not work today. So, without a global understanding of your company, it is impossible to conceive an effective web strategy. That is why we give greater importance to a one-to-one marketing approach to understand your needs and expectations before implementing any web visibility tools.

Elements of an internet marketing plan may include:

> Situation analysis
> Identification of the main problem
> Online environment analysis
> Online SWOT
> Objectives
> Strategy
> Web marketing actions/Online marketing mix
> Iimplementation calendar
> Budgeting
> Tracking

"Because If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!"

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